All DCA dehumidifiers are manufactured to be remote condenser ready with all valves and electrical devices in place to be connected to an outdoor remote condenser. Air cooled remote condensers are used to reject excess heat to the outdoors if the heat generated by the dehumidifier cannot be used for room air heating or pool water heating. This condenser can supplement the room A/C system or be the sole source of room cooling. This condenser shall be large enough to reject all the recovered heat outdoors without simultaneously rejecting heat into the pool water or room air. This condenser shall be capable of operation down to -20ºF.

Units shall be furnished as air-cooled condensers, arranged for vertical airflow. All units to be UL listed.
Unit of Measure

Standard Features

  • Vertical Discharge
  • Weather-tight Electrical Enclosure
  • Computer Designed Condenser Coils
  • Full-flooding System (-20 ºF Capability)
  • Fully Assembled on Heavy Skids

Refrigeration Circuit(s)

N/A Dual Single
Number of Connections1 N/A Dual Circuit - 2 Sets Single Circuit - 1 Set

Number of Fans

N/A 3

Shipping Weight

N/A 780 lb

Operating Weight

N/A 650 lb

Recommended Dehumidifier Model at 95ºF

N/A DCA9000A

Recommended Dehumidifier Model at 100ºF

N/A DCA7000T/DCA7000TWH DCA8000A

Recommended Dehumidifier Model at 105ºF

Sound Level2 N/A Standard


N/A Ratings are subject to change without notice
Supply O.D.3 N/A Dual Circuit - (2) x 1 5/8 inSingle Circuit - 2 1/8 in

Return O.D.1

N/A Dual Circuit - (2) x 1 1/8 inSingle Circuit - 1 3/8 in

MCA/MOPD: 208/230 - 1 Phase

N/A 15.0/15

MCA/MOPD: 208/230 - 3 Phase

N/A 15.0/15

MCA/MOPD: 460 - 3 Phase

N/A 15.0/15
Diagram4 N/A
Dimensions for Models LORC 5 - 26
  • 1 For line set sizes refer to dehumidifier design specifications.
  • 2 For dB information please contact factory.
  • 3 For line set sizes refer to dehumidifier design specifications.
  • 4 Dimensions are subject to change without notice