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DCA EDHS series duct heaters will provide additional or can be a primary source of room space heating.

EDHS series duct heaters are for mounting downstream fromthe discharge of the dehumidifier only. They are shipped loose forfield installation. A single high voltage source separate from thedehumidifier and a single low voltage connection are all this isrequired - allowing for easy installation.

Standard with every heater are air flow switches, high limit controlsand fuse blocks. The optional two-stage room thermostat ties inwith the 24 volt circuitry of any DCA dehumidifier. DCA also offersa complete line of gas fired duct in-line duct furnaces when desired.
Unit of Measure

Dehumidifier Model #s

N/A DCA2500TV/2500TVWH

Add on Electric Heating Capacity

N/A 20 kW68,280 BTUH

Duct Dimensions W x H

N/A 21 x 16 in

Standard Features

  • Magnetic Contactors
  • Automatic High Limit Switch
  • Airflow Pressure Switch
  • 24V Transformer
  • Pilot Relay
  • Staging as required for each 47 Amp Circuit
  • Time Delay between stages
  • Single Point Power Connection to Terminal Block
  • Low Voltage Terminal Strip
  • Grounding Lug
  • Welding Construction using 20 MSG Galvanized Steel
  • Hinged Cover
  • Wiring Diagram
  • Fused Circuits per N.E.C., U.L. and CSA
  • ETL Listed (build to Conform to U.L. and N.E.C. requirements)
  • Straight Flange to fit Unit Discharge
  • Grade AA Chromel Corrosion resistant element (For use with corrosive environments such as indoor swimming pool enclosures, chemical plants and water/wastewater treatment facilities.)

Optional Features

  • Slip in Duct Heaters available
  • Downflow Duct Heaters available (in EDHS Only)
  • Slip In Duct, Finned Tubular Heaters also available - Contact Factory
  • SCR Control Available
  • Additional Stages Available - Consult Factory
  • Outdoor Heaters Available


N/A Ratings are subject to change without notice

230V/1 Phase

N/A Current Draw: 86.96 MCA: 108.7 MOCP: 130.43

208V/3 Phase

N/A Current Draw: 55.52 MCA: 69.4 MOCP: 83.27

460V/3 Phase

N/A Current Draw: 25.1 MCA: 31.38 MOCP: 37.65

Electrical Specifications Note

  1. Control Voltage for above -24 volts
  2. Above specifications for all DCA series Air-Cooled & Water-Cooled units
  3. Any voltage desire, that is not listed, please contact factory.
Diagram1 N/A
EDHS Series Electric Duct Heater Diagram


N/A 14.13 in


N/A 20 in


N/A 5.5 in


N/A 18 in20 in24 in


N/A 16 in


N/A 6 in


N/A 1 in
  • 1 Dimensions are subject to change without notice