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DCA EDH series duct heaters will provide additional room heatingfor all DCA dehumidification systems. These heaters provide an economical source of either supplemental or primary room heating.

EDH series duct heaters are for direct mounting only on the discharge of the dehumidifier and not downstream in the dischargeductwork. They are shipped loose for field installation. A single high voltage source separate from the dehumidifier and a single low voltage connection are all that is required - allowing for easyinstallation.

Standard with every heater are air flow pressure switches, high limitcontrols and fuse blocks. The optional two-stage room thermostat ties in with the 24 volt circuitry of any DCA dehumidifier. DCA alsooffers a complete line of gas fired in-line duct furnaces when desired.

All DCA electric duct heaters carry a one year parts only warranty.
Unit of Measure

Dehumidifier Model #s

N/A DCA3000T/3000TWH

Add on Electric Heating Capacity

N/A 30 kW102,420 BTUH


N/A 2

Blower Outlet Connection W x H

N/A 18.625 x 16 in

Standard Features

  • Magnetic Contactors
  • Automatic High Limit Switch
  • Airflow Pressure Switch
  • 24V Transformer
  • Pilot Relay
  • Staging as required for each 47 Amp Circuit
  • Time Delay between stages
  • Single Point Power Connection to Terminal Block
  • Low Voltage Terminal Strip
  • Grounding Lug
  • Welding Construction using 20 MSG Galvanized Steel
  • Hinged Cover
  • Wiring Diagram
  • Fused Circuits per N.E.C., U.L. and CSA
  • ETL Listed (build to Conform to U.L. and N.E.C. requirements)
  • Straight Flange to fit Unit Discharge
  • Grade AA Chromel Corrosion resistant element (For use with corrosive environments such as indoor swimming pool enclosures, chemical plants and water/wastewater treatment facilities.)

Optional Features

  • Slip in Duct Heaters available
  • Downflow Duct Heaters available (in EDHS Only)
  • Slip In Duct, Finned Tubular Heaters also available - Contact Factory
  • SCR Control Available
  • Additional Stages Available - Consult Factory
  • Outdoor Heaters Available


N/A Ratings are subject to change without notice

230V/1 Phase

N/A Current Draw: 130.43 MCA: 163.04 MOCP: 195.65

208V/3 Phase

N/A Current Draw: 83.27 MCA: 104.09 MOCP: 124.91

230V/3 Phase

N/A Current Draw: 75.31 MCA: 94.14 MOCP: 112.96

460V/3 Phase

N/A Current Draw: 37.65 MCA: 47.07 MOCP: 56.48

575V/3 Phase

N/A Current Draw: 30.12 MCA: 37.7 MOCP: 45.19

Electrical Specifications Note

  1. Control Voltage for above -24 volts
  2. Above specifications for all DCA series Air-Cooled & Water-Cooled units
  3. Any voltage desire, that is not listed, please contact factory.
Diagram1 N/A
EDH Series Electric Duct Heaters Diagram


N/A 18.75 in


N/A 16.125 in


N/A 16 in


N/A 30.75 in


N/A 18.125 in


N/A 13 in


N/A 12 in
  • 1 Dimensions are subject to change without notice