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Standard on-off control of room humidity and air temperature, where staged on-off control of cooling and heating is required. This control package is intended for residential swimming pool applications. Remote internet monitoring is available (Internet connected router required). This control package is limited to only Air Cooled - Non Water Heating Assist Models.

Unit of Measure



  • Easy to use graphical interface
  • Built in humidity and temperature sensors
  • Automatic changeover of set points
  • Adjustable set points
  • Remote access with RedLINK gateway - sold separately (Internet connected router required)
  • Wireless, wall mount, combination humidity and temperature remote sensor available - sold separately

Technical Specifications

Thermostat Power Consumption

N/A Backlight off =1.32 VA VABacklight on = 1.44 VA VA

RedLINK Communication


Frequency: 900 MHz frequency range

Re-Sync Time: RedLINK devices re-establish communication within 6 minutes after AC power resumes

Humidity Display Range

N/A 0% to 99% RH

Humidity Sensor Accuracy

N/A ± 5 % RH from 30% to 50% RH at 75 °F (24.0 °C)

Temperature Sensor Accuracy

N/A ± 1.5 °F at 70 °F (0.75 °C at 21.0 °C)


VP-3600 Dimensions